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Employee Spotlight - Brandy Lee DeMarco Rodney

Rotary Club 2

Brandy's Leadership in Community Relief Efforts

How Verterim's VP, Brandy Lee DeMarco Rodney, Spearheaded a Successful Disaster Relief Campaign in Her Flood-Hit Maine Town


In moments of crisis, it takes compassion and leadership to bring a community together. At Verterim, we are immensely proud of our VP of Service Delivery, Brandy Lee DeMarco Rodney for exactly that. Brandy demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership during a recent disaster in her quaint little ski town of Bethel, Maine.

Just a week before Christmas, Maine faced an unexpected and severe rainstorm, resulting in flooding, power outages, and a myriad of challenges for its residents. Despite facing her own personal challenges in the storm's aftermath, Brandy found herself at the forefront of relief efforts in Bethel, utilizing her skills and compassion to make a tangible impact.

An active member of the local Rotary Club, Brandy was well-positioned to tap into a broad network to garner support and resources, a critical component in the wake of the disaster.

Leveraging her technological expertise, Brandy quickly gathered information through text messages and established a fully branded PayPal site for fundraising. In less than two hours, she not only created an online donation platform with a $10,000 goal but revamped the Rotary Club's website to ensure a secure and easy experience for donors.

The response was nothing short of remarkable. Contributions began pouring in even prior to the link being circulated on social media and in just a few hours, the initial $10,000 was surpassed, reaching an impressive total of $75,000. To facilitate assistance requests, Brandy implemented both a digital and paper form in which she was able to efficiently coordinate responses from Rotary Club members, ensuring a smooth flow of aid to those in need.

In just two weeks, the Rotary Club was able to provide relief to 11 families, amounting to $42,000. Local businesses also joined the cause, offering materials for repairs and support. Simultaneously, planned activities, such as delivering Christmas dinners and distributing gift cards to families with children, added a heartwarming touch to the relief efforts.

As the donation site prepared to close at the end of the January 2024, Brandy remained committed in helping facilitate dispersing the remaining $20,000, ensuring that every dollar directly benefitted the community.

Brandy's strategic updates paired with the subsequent local news coverage turned the relief effort into a community-wide movement, demonstrating the power of individual initiative and technology in fostering positive change

Verterim takes immense pride in Brandy's exemplary leadership, showcasing her values of empathy, innovation, and community support.


Congratulations, Brandy!