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GRC Software Implementation Projects

Effective Implementation Methodology

Fully-managed GRC Software Implementation Projects Honed By Years of Best Practices

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Multiple GRC Tools

Implementation Projects for multiple leading GRC solutions

Experienced Team

Highly trained and experienced consultants on each engagement

Implementation Project Team

Our team of expert and certified GRC practitioners are equipped with deep expertise in program development, sound business process, and the essential tools needed for success.

Our team carefully selects members for each GRC implementation project, considering skillset, personality fit, and experience. This approach ensures that we establish the strongest possible working relationship with our customers.

Implementation Projects adhere to a specified scope and set of deliverables, follow our implementation methodology, and typically involve a Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Developer at minimum. 

  • Strategic Advisory Consultants

  • Business Analysts

  • Developers and Administrators

  • Architects and Integration Specialists

  • Project and Engagement Managers

Business Process Expertise Powered By OCEG


You can automate any process, but is it a best practice GRC business process? Effective GRC implementation projects are impossible without the expertise in business processes. Each engagement is carefully staffed with at least one consultant who brings to the table extensive experience as a GRC practitioner or holds the prestigious OCEG certification.

OCEG GRC Capability

GRC Use Case Implementations

There's a lot that falls under the GRC umbrella. Our team possesses extensive training and experience in both the theoretical knowledge and practical application of all GRC use cases. We utilize cutting-edge technology solutions to power our services, ensuring the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. Realize the benefits of a fully integrated risk management program with Verterim!

Third Party Risk

Third Party Risk, Vendor Risk, Supply Chain Risk - Only a domain so important could have so many names! Let us guide you through tiering vendor criticality, sending and receiving third party risk assessments, determining the risk of your vendors and more!

Policy and Compliance

How is your process to draft, edit, review, approve and publish internal policies? Are your policies mapped to controls? Are your controls mapped to risks and regulatory frameworks?

Risk Management

Enterprise Risk, Operational Risk, IT Risk, Asset Risk, Vendor Risk - there's no shortage of risk across the enterprise! Do you have a sound methodology in place to identify, measure and respond to your company's risks?

Issue Management

Issue and incident management is vital to a GRC program as it ensures prompt identification, tracking, resolution and remediation of compliance breaches, security incidents, risk events, operational disruptions, and other critical issues. Do you have a consistent process to identify and respond to issues across all areas of the business?


Audit plays a pivotal role in a GRC program by providing an independent and objective assessment of an organization's risk and adherence to policies, regulations, and internal controls. Audit programs maintain regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, and foster trust among stakeholders, ultimately strengthening the overall integrity and resilience of the organization. Is your Audit team fully integrated to the GRC program?

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Can your organization maintain crucial operations and minimize disruptions in the face of unexpected events or disasters? By incorporating BCDR into a GRC program, businesses can effectively manage and mitigate risks, safeguard their assets, and protect their reputation.

GRC Use Case Education

Educational content explaining and discussing the most common challenges for various GRC use cases

Free Maturity Assessments

Free Risk Management maturity assessments reviewed by our expert advisors to determine your baseline

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