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Free Maturity Assessment for Risk

What Happens When You Submit A Maturity Assessment?

When you submit a maturity assessment, our team is immediately notified and we assign a GRC Advisor to analyze your results. We then document our findings and follow up with you to provide your maturity level and some actionable feedback. 

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Free advisory session to review your results and provide actionable feedback

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Common Challenges for Risk Programs

Implementing a Risk Management program within companies can present several challenges. Here are some common ones:

1. Risk Awareness and Culture: Building risk awareness and fostering a risk-aware culture across the organization can be challenging. Employees may not fully understand the importance of risk management or may perceive it as an additional burden. Creating a culture that values risk management requires effective communication, training, and engagement.

2. Resource Allocation: Implementing a robust Risk Management program requires allocating sufficient resources, including personnel, technology, and financial investment. Companies may face challenges in securing the necessary resources to build and sustain the program effectively.

3. Risk Identification and Assessment: Identifying and assessing risks across the organization can be complex. Companies may struggle to identify all potential risks, assess their impact and likelihood accurately, and prioritize risks based on their significance to the organization's objectives.

4. Risk Measurement and Quantification: Measuring and quantifying risks can be challenging, especially when dealing with intangible or emerging risks. Companies may face difficulties in establishing consistent risk measurement methodologies and obtaining reliable data for risk quantification.

5. Risk Integration and Coordination: Integrating risk management efforts across various departments and functions can be a challenge. Companies may have siloed risk management practices, making it difficult to achieve a holistic view of risks and coordinate risk mitigation strategies.

6. Risk Monitoring and Reporting: Establishing effective risk monitoring and reporting mechanisms can be a hurdle. Companies need systems and processes to track risks, monitor risk indicators, and generate timely and accurate risk reports for informed decision-making.

7. Continuous Improvement: Maintaining a continuous improvement mindset is essential in risk management. Companies may struggle to adapt their risk management practices to evolving risks, new regulations, and changing business environments. Developing mechanisms for ongoing evaluation and improvement is crucial.

Addressing these challenges requires strong leadership commitment, effective communication, dedicated resources, risk-aware culture, collaboration across departments, investment in risk management tools and technology, and a commitment to continuous improvement. By implementing a robust Risk Management program, companies can enhance their resilience, optimize opportunities, and effectively navigate uncertainties.

Advisory Services

Strategic and Advisory Services for GRC Programs  maximize program potential while helping to avoid common pitfalls

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You can automate any process, but is it a best practice GRC business process? Effective GRC implementation projects are impossible without the expertise in business processes. Each engagement is carefully staffed with at least one consultant who brings to the table extensive experience as a GRC practitioner or holds the prestigious OCEG certification.

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Our certified GRC Consultants truly understand how to implement Risk. Learn more about our methodology for Implementation Services and our team that makes it all possible