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Advisory and Strategic GRC Services

GRC Strategy Engagements

Our GRC strategy engagements and advisory services empower our clients with the knowledge and guidance to effectively initiate and expand their GRC programs.

Strategic Advisory Workshop

Maturity Assessments

Free GRC use case maturity assessments to determine your baseline

GRC Tool Evaluation

Every client has unique needs when it comes to GRC software. What's your ideal fit?

Strategic Engagements


Our experienced Strategic Advisory Consultants lead GRC Strategy Engagements, working closely with client executives, stakeholders, and subject matter experts. Through collaborative workshops, interviews, and analysis, we develop a tailored GRC strategy that aligns with your business goals. Our objectives include identifying gaps in current practices, establishing a robust program framework, and promoting a proactive approach with emerging trends. Partner with us to navigate GRC complexities and establish a strong foundation for success.

  • Evaluate the existing IRM program through interviews, workshops and collaborative group sessions

  • Provide recommendations in the form of a 12 to 24-month strategic roadmap to enhance the People, Processes and Technologies key to a healthy GRC program

  • Develop a requirements matrix for tool comparison between two GRC tools; or assist in the selection process for the appropriate license tier of one GRC tool

Pete, Phil & Lynda's Takes On Strategy

Verterim thought leaders weigh in on the importance of a well-executed approach to GRC Programs
As a CISO I appreciated the quote "Vision without execution is just hallucination," by Thomas Edison. Start with a plan, focus on your prioritized elements, assemble and motivate the team, measure, analyze and report on your progress and celebrate your milestones! Plaster them all over your company in whatever way you are able to. People want to win, to be a part of a team and this can be infectious in the most positive way for a GRC program.
Peter Ridgley
President & CEO, Verterim
Pete Ridgley
With my experience as a Manager of Product Marketing at Archer and as Director of Enterprise Risk Management and GRC at Dell, I have witnessed firsthand the key components that drive successful GRC programs. Moreover, I have also identified the factors that can lead to the failure of these programs. For those who are genuinely committed to their GRC program, it is essential to collaborate with a strategic advisor who can help steer clear of common pitfalls and unlock the program's full potential.
Phil Aldrich
Chief Operations Officer, Verterim
Phil Aldrich
A strong GRC program relies on sound strategic planning, well-defined roadmaps, and selecting the right GRC tool. Strategy provides direction, aligning goals and risk management practices. Roadmaps outline clear steps and timelines for GRC implementation. Choosing the appropriate GRC tool ensures efficient workflows, automation, and accurate reporting. These elements enhance efficiency, mitigate risks, support informed decision-making, ensure compliance, and facilitate scalability. With a solid foundation in strategy, clients establish successful GRC programs. 
Lynda Heij
Senior Project Manager & Strategic Program Advisor, Verterim
Lynda Heij

Strategic Advisory Consultants


Our team of expert and certified GRC practitioners are equipped with deep expertise in program development, sound business process, and the essential tools needed for success.

Our seasoned Strategic Advisory Consultants, who are the top experts in GRC, will exclusively lead your Strategic GRC projects and deliverables. With their deep expertise and guidance, we know that your GRC program will be placed on the right trajectory and stay there for long-term success.

  • Strategic Advisory Consultants

  • Business Analysts

  • Developers and Administrators

  • Architects and Integration Specialists

  • Project and Engagement Managers

Advisory Services Powered by Experience & OCEG


Our Strategic Advisory Consultants, who are the most seasoned and extensively trained members of our team, provide invaluable guidance based on their vast practical experience and OCEG certifications

OCEG GRC Capability
GRC Cartoon Series

Reaching Consensus Across Stakeholders

Are you familiar with the challenges of finding common ground in a program with conflicting budgets and requirements? Discover the secrets to creating a harmonious program that aligns everyone's goals and objectives.

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We are GRC people, not pushy sales people. We operate in a no pressure environment, where we simply enjoy discussing GRC. Let's start a conversation and explore how Verterim can help you navigate the world of GRC with confidence.

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