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Seamless Integration

Enhance efficiency and productivity by integrating your GRC tool with multiple systems, seamlessly centralizing data and streamlining workflow processes.

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Multiple GRC Tools

Performant integrations on multiple leading GRC solutions

Experienced Resources

Highly experienced integration specialists 

Need Integration Support?

We build integrations between a diverse range of products and leading GRC Solutions. Our integrations are tailored to meet specific use cases and can be single or bi-directional, ensuring seamless data flow and enhanced functionality. Leveraging modern architecture approaches like server-less function apps, we prioritize high performance and scalability.

With a wealth of experience, we have successfully completed numerous integration projects across various domains, including ticketing systems, vulnerability scanners, vendor risk scoring tools, CMDBs, and access and identity managers. Whether as part of implementation projects or standalone initiatives, our integrations enable organizations to centralize and incorporate valuable data directly within their GRC platforms, driving operational efficiency and maximizing the effectiveness of their GRC Programs.

  • Ticketing Systems

  • CMDBs

  • Vulnerability Scanners

  • Security Tools

  • Vendor Risk Scoring Providers

  • Access & Identify Managers

We Build Apps & Integrations for Partners

We specialize in creating seamless connections between industry partners' tools and the leading GRC platforms. With our team of experienced experts, we have extensive knowledge in developing robust integrations that provide our partners' clients with the turnkey ability to centralize valuable data within a single, streamlined workflow process. Whether it's building integrations from scratch, enhancing existing ones, managing store certification processes, or more, our dedicated integrations team has you covered. 

  • Integration Requirements

  • Solution Design

  • Architecture & Development

  • Store Certification Process

  • Enhancements & Re-Certification

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