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Artificial Intelligence with Hailey AI

6clicks harnesses the innovative capabilities of Hailey, their AI engine, to automate and streamline risk and compliance processes.

Hailey is specifically designed to assist risk and compliance professionals by offering features such as compliance mapping between standards, laws, and regulations. It facilitates control set mapping, helping identify areas of compliance and non-compliance by mapping controls back to compliance obligations. Additionally, Hailey leverages OpenAI's GPT technology to provide control definitions, reducing the need for manual work and saving your team valuable time and effort.

  • Identify overlap with other standards and frameworks using artificial intelligence

  • Take advantage of a pre-made content library filled with hundreds of industry standards

  • Discover gaps in your policies and control sets across an extensive array of frameworks

  • Harness the power of native Open AI ChatGPT functionality to create bespoke control definitions and compelling control set descriptions

Implementation Methodology Circle

6clicks Implementation Services

Certified 6clicks consultants who truly understand how to implement 6clicks. Learn more about our methodology for 6clicks Implementation Services and our team that makes it all possible

6clicks Advisory Services

Strategic and Advisory Services for GRC Programs that utilize the 6clicks platform maximize program potential while helping to avoid common pitfalls

Strategic Advisory Workshop

Innovative Hub & Spoke Architecture

Hub & Spoke enables seamless collaboration across multiple entities. Manage risk and compliance activities, streamline workflows, and gain comprehensive insights across your entire ecosystem.

Effectively manage risk and compliance at scale, ensuring consistency, transparency, and efficiency throughout your organization. 

  • Manage compliance obligations and risk registers seamlessly across multiple teams, business units, subsidiaries and acquisitions 

  • "Roll up" reporting at the Hub level, aggregating results for all Spokes

  • Manage content, fields and processes at the Hub level, then push it out to Spokes on demand

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