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ArcheRx: Platform Insights for Archer IRM

See The Power of ArcheRx

Receive rapid and actionable platform insights at the push of the button. Harness the power of ArcheRx and advanced data visualization to supercharge your Archer IRM platform!

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Is Your Archer Platform Healthy?

Experience unparalleled insights into your Archer IRM platform with ArcheRx – the most cutting-edge health check solution on the market. Ideal for 1) General platform health checks, 2) Troubleshooting performance issues, and 3) Pre-and post-platform upgrades. 

Skip manual processes; ArcheRx swiftly assesses your deployment within minutes, offering advanced visualizations and a custom action plan delivered straight to your inbox. Opt for a periodic subscription service or run it ad-hoc, and gain unmatched time to value. Inquire today to quickly and easily improve platform efficiency!

  • Field History by Module
  • Calculation Errors
  • DDE's & Advanced Workflow
  • Data Feed Performance
  • User, Group & Role Audits
  • & Much More!
The health check report helped our team identify areas of the Archer environment that were causing unnecessary strain.  Being able to see underlying processes at a glance is very useful when maintaining large Archer environments. These reports help us focus efforts on the most important areas.  The health check report is a very useful tool and will save any administrator a significant amount of time maintaining their environment.
Adam, Berkshire Bank
Quick 5-Minute Video Preview:

Watch the Deep Dive Demo - Available NOW On Demand!

See ArcheRx in action! How and why did we design the offering, and what value can it provide to your Archer IRM environment? 






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